Wednesday, May 7, 2008

From Leslie Sabatino, RN, clinical coordinator

Good Morning,I am here this morning after a long night's sleep and shower and I am wondering what to do. I have been in a constant 'frantic' rush for the last 9 months to get things together and packed, make sure everyone is comfortable, and this morning I feel quite lost and confused. I have no where to run to or calls to make today. It is an odd feeling.

Yesterday, I came home to the most beautiful banner that my family had draped across the front of my entry way. It had all of the Team Heart member and patient pictures with blog entries. To see all your faces and the faces of our patients at my home had the most emotional response from me.

WE DID IT!!!! We changed 11 people's lives forever and for the better, and we should all be proud. The ripple effect will be unknown to us but you should all know it is there. These patients will be able to finish school, help their families or return to their work.I will hold a special place in my heart for all of you and for all you did. The long shifts, innovative treatments, and lack of sleep for many is very, very appreciated. What a Team Heart Spirit.These are the true rare moments that make life worthwhile. I miss you all and will see you all very soon.